Goede Hoop

Goede Hoop

Goede Hoop Wine Estate is situated off the old road between the towns of Stellenbosch and Kuils River, deep in the valley known as the Bottelary Kloof.

The old farmhouse, rich in atmosphere, was built in 1880. In 1928 the Bestbier family purchased the wine estate and today Pieter Bestbier is a third generation winemaker on Goede Hoop.

Every square metre of the 120 ha wine estate is situated on the slopes of the valley and about 80 ha have been planted with vines facing mainly north and north-west.

Two hundred and fifty metres separate the lowest and highest vineyards and meso-climates abound as the temperatures and rainfall differences between these vineyards are considerable.

Also, the horseshoe-shaped vineyards ensure the perfect amount of sunshine for every variety. These conditions -the temperature, climate as well as quality of the soil – are ideal for producing wines of excellence.

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  • Sauvignon blanc 2017

    Rich and rewarding with a youthful and intriguing nose of peaches and rain on slate. Soft and mouthfilling, this is a classy wine with supportive acidity and a melange of flavours: stone fruits and cream, asparagus and peardrop and all elegance and subtle power.

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  • Chardonnay 2014

    Lightly oaked with lemon, hazelnut, vanilla, banana and pineapple. A full bodied wine with a beautiful mouthfeel.

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  • Pinotage 2012

    This wine oozes juicy ripe dark berry fruit and easy-drinking hedonism. The depth of plummy blue fruit flavours and the supportive acidity means it will pair well with hearty dishes and would be a pleasing match for stews, pies and even hard cheeses.

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  • Domaine Merlot 2017

    A fresh, dark berry nose and aromas of plum and morello cherry. Acidity and tannin merge with the fruit and an almost lush, creamy taste lingers.

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  • Estate Red 2011

    A blend of all six red cultivars on the farm. Made to emulate the 1974 Goede Hoop Vintage Rouge which was the first ever blended red to be awarded a superior award. Aromas are persistent and suggest rustic dark forest fruits with spice. The mouthfeel is crisp and tannins are ripe. Fruit notes are of crushed blackcurrants. This wine is easy to match with food and reminiscent of top class spicy, black fruited wines from Hermitage in northern Rhône.

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